Why Use Remit?

Not only because we are super convenient and more affordable. Now sending money to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. More countries coming soon.



Instant delivery of the money transfers straight to mobile phones in Africa with instant notifications to both senders and recipients.



Send money anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. No trips, no agents. Available on computer, smart-phone or tablet.



Trusted by thousands. Putting the security of your money and data first. We encrypt your personal data and use the highest security standards available.



Affordable fees displayed upfront. We leverage mobile money to offer better rates than other money transfer companies. The affordable choice.

Our Users Love Remit

Trusted all over the world. Remit has been used by senders from over 100 countries.

  • I would like to endorse useremit.com. Very agile terrific customer care and reliable. I am looking forward to the IPO.


    Joseph Owino

  • An excellent and efficient way to send money. Real-time and way cheaper than other money transfer options. Totally using this again.


    Lynn Kirabo

  • Just used useremit.com. Awesome and cheaper alternative to all these money transfer services #HappyCustomer.


    Brenda Kasabiiti

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Remit is a remittance transfer service built by Eversend Ltd that offers real-time debit or credit card to mobile money transfers from all over the world to registered mobile-money users in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Remit’s advantage is that it is the fastest, cheapest, and safest way for Africa’s diaspora to send money home.